Mortgage Rate Trends - Trends Showing Higher Mortgage Interest rates

Current mortgage rate trends are showing that we ought to count on larger rates of interest inside the really close to future. The trend in the ten year treasury price yield that began back in January remains intact and as strong as ever. If this trend continues, we could see the 30 year fixed mortgage rate more than 6% before we know it. Obviously this can be extremely bad news for household owners who have been hoping to refinance at low rates.

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When you had been hoping that the mortgage price trend would reverse and head down, you might have missed the boat. General prices have stayed above 5% for two months now and it appears like 6% is definitely the next target. The three decade downtrend that started back in 1982 appears to be bottoming out within the years from 2002 to 2009. This bottoming approach could mean that typical mortgage rates could head in to the double digits inside the subsequent handful of years.

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No one wants this to happen, especially the government, however the government is going to be the precise cause we do see greater mortgage rates. By forcing prices lower through the getting of US debt, the Federal Reserve Bank has devalued our currency. Because the US dollar drops in worth, the ten year yield increases which causes general rates of interest to move higher. The Fed continues to shell out billions of dollars to buy up mortgage backed securities. This will likely enable to maintain rates low now, but eventually, when the dollar gets devalued much more, we're going to view an inflationary period that consists of significantly greater rates.

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