My Life Unplugged: The Rock Boat Encounter Is Partnership At It really is Finest

When a year, I am blessed with the opportunity to become a a part of the incredible expertise referred to as The Rock Boat, which can be the result of a fine partnership amongst Sixthman and Sister Hazel. It began for me back in 2007 when my buddies Usually Standard introduced me towards the thought of cruising the ocean blue and soaking up the sun in the organization of 30-ish rock bands. Music is my passion. I've normally been a fan. I've generally been an artist. I could not consider anything a lot more enjoyable. It wasn't until I knowledgeable Rock Boat for myself that I understood, it goes way beyond "fun".

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My crew, my remarkable good friends! Endless rolling ocean, Ingram Hill around the Lido Deck

The Rock Boat (TRB) is more than a cruise. It is greater than a vacation. It really is greater than a music festival. For many Rock Boaters and Rock Boat artists alike, it really is an emotional and spiritual experience. It is a week of of endless blue sky, endless rolling ocean, endless friendly faces and endless enjoyment. It is a spot exactly where everyone, except the artists not surprisingly, unplug (despite the fact that the artists have already been identified to unplug on occasion, and that is entirely fine by me).

Life on TRB is surreal. Everywhere you appear, individuals are genuinely pleased. Artists, Sixthman employees and Rock Boaters sing for the music, animatedly engage in true conversation, meet and make new buddies and relax within the sun or in the "rock" tub. The top component is, you do not see anybody using a cell phone attached to his/her ear or even a laptop open in front of them.

On TRB, all sense of time goes out the window and judgment becomes some thing reserved for folks of a lesser moral typical. In 5 Rock Boats, I've never ever seen an argument, a disagreement, not so much as a heated discussion.

You may assume that when two,000+ persons are confined to a fairly small space where the Jim Beam flows freely plus the Bud Light is sold by the bucket, that points would get a little bit rowdy, appropriate? But I've to say... The Rock Boat is genuinely pretty the peaceful spot.

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It can be a location where true neighborhood exists. It truly is a location exactly where we all is usually precisely who we are and we all accept each other precisely as we are. It's life, completely and absolutely unplugged.

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