These requirements for commodities that apply the FBA shipping service

Sep 9, 2014-USA-Below is a list of the most common FBA shipping requirements that are most often in non compliance. This information is provided by the famous FBA cargo service supplier Shipment from China to fba . Please Beware of the Following.

First, Poly bags with an opening of 5 Inches or greater must have a suffocation warning.

Second, Poly bags must be sealed as we have self seal poly bags on hand.

Thirdly, Poly bags cannot extend more than 3¡± past the item. So another words, if your item is 10¡å long your poly bag cannot be more than 13¡å sealed.

¡°All¡± items require a scannable barcode Even if Amazon says no barcode required. When Amazon says No barcode required, they mean no FNSKU Barcode required they still assume you have a barcode which can be a UPC, EAN, ASIN, or FNSKU. If Amazon Says a barcode is required, it means that your only option is THE FNSKU barcode. Any other barcode such as a manufactures private SKU barcode is not acceptable.

Fifth, any item that has an opening of 1¡å or more has to be covered with a poly bag. any Item that has an exposed piece of clothes, has to be in a poly bag.

Sixth, you must have a ¡°do not separate¡± label on multi packs. (Say you are bundling two or three items together, they require a ¡°Do Not Separate¡± label.

Seventh, liquids must contain a double seal and must pass a drop test. A Drop test is very specific and is defined on Amazons website.

Eighth, you cannot have little piece of packing material protecting your shipment. No peanuts or little pieces of stuff. Amazon considers this fluff and is not acceptable. Bubble wrap and other Styrofoam is acceptable, as long as it does not in little pieces.

As the introduction from the FBA FBA shipping, the bubble wrap bags are not considered bubble wrap, they are considered as poly bags, and as such must have a suffocation warning and must be sealed. Please Note¡­Amazons poly bag requirements apply even if the bag is inside a box and hidden. If a suffocation hazard exist and Amazon sees it, they could suspend your account until the problem is fixed, which means that you either send them back to yourself and fix the problem or send them to me to fix the problem. Either way it will cost money in the end. Please Beware of these Requirements. We see lots of shipments with poly bags, that are not sealed and do not contain suffocation warnings. We carry a large supply of poly bags with suffocation warnings and that are self sealed. In addition to suffocation warning labels, do not separate labels, Additional outer cartons of various sizes, and lots of item labels for your barcodes. We offer every prep service that Amazon offers, but cheaper.


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